European and Offshore Company Formation (service provided by our Romanian partner BridgeWest®)

Are you interested in opening a company in Europe?

We are happy to introduce you to BridgeWest®, a company formation agent specialized in European and offshore company incorporation that can assist you with the entire formation and registration procedure. BridgeWest®, offers a wide range of legal consulting services for clients all over the world interested in expanding their investments and business to other attractive countries.

You will benefit from an innovative approach of these company formation specialists. They will offer you free information about all necessary procedures and step-by-step assistance throughout the incorporation process.

BridgeWest’s specialists we will keep you in touch with the latest information regarding the legislation and regulations related to doing business in Europe.

The advantages of working with BridgeWest®, for a incorporating a European or offshore company

We recommend BridgeWest®, because you will benefit from a cost-efficient alternative to multinational companies offering trans-border consulting services. You can open a company at low costs and save money that you can then reinvest in your business. BridgeWest®, guarantees that any request will be handled within 24 hours and you will benefit from a quick and professional delivery of services.

In addition to the incorporation services, BridgeWest®, specialists are also able to provide assistance for debt collection, legal and accounting issues through a worldwide network of lawyers and accountants. Through its European partners BridgeWest®, can offer you the information you need in order to choose the best country for your needs regarding taxation, legislation and all the other specific needs of your business. BridgeWest®, experts will also help you find the proper European offshore jurisdictions, where you can benefit from low taxes and an attractive business environment.

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