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Hi Svetlana.I just wanted to let you know that since yesterday I’m in American citizen , it’s been a long time but I finally made it, so I just wanted to thank you for all the help and let you know that you are a big part of this. Thank you with all my heart!!
From Mircea

Svetlana Schreiber and her staff are my heroes! I adopted two undocumented teenagers at age 12 and 14. Little did I know it would be so complicated to get their legal status here! After talking to another lawyer who told me I would have to have the adoption recognized by the Mexican government ("and good luck with that," she said!), I spoke with Svetlana who impressed me with her knowledge and expertise ...

The moment I met Atty Schreiber , I found a new ray of hope and positiveness. She has pointed me to a direction where others have failed to even mention. It is through her vast experience and knowledge that has gotten me where I could not imagine possible. Years of waiting and pitfalls finally produced a success that I could only dream of ...

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Svetlana Schreiber in an appointment scheduled throughout the phone. First i would like to thank her. I have been advised by a large number of attorneys over the years regarding my immigration status and absolutely none of them has been really trying to understand my problem and most importantly to find a solution for it ...

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